Amit Mishra Journey as YouTuber, Blogger and Entrepreneur

Amit Mishra is an Indian YouTuber. He is a well-known figure among youths. The popularity of Amit Mishra as a YouTuber and a blogger is growing day by day.

Amit is a digital marketer and blogger. He shares many useful techniques on his youtube channel. He mainly focuses on SEO, digital marketing, blogging and online earning.

As a person, Amit Mishra is a humble one with a cool attitude. He is a down to earth person and tries to respond to each of his fans. He considers his fans as his family.

Who is Amit Mishra?

Amit Mishra is a well-known YouTuber. His community is growing gradually and at the same time adding value to people. Amit Mishra is a self-made entrepreneur and a hustler. He likes to work hard for his dreams.

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He was born in Delhi and did his schooling from Delhi itself. After his schooling, he did his BCA. As he was interested in technology from an early stage, he moved to Pune to achieve his dreams.

In Pune, he started working in an MNC company(Wipro) as a software engineer although he didn’t like working under anyone he had to do it for his needs.

Amit always wanted to be his own boss. Amit Mishra did not like the concept of the rat race. So, Now Amit researched ways for passive income. Amit Mishra was always attracted by the western way of earning on how they earn doing smart work.

Amit Mishra was very ambitious about his work. He always wanted to make his own company so that he can help people in their daily life. He started a company named “Webonx” where he provides SEO services to his clients at an affordable rate.

At his initial stage, he started a company named ‘SURE KIRANA’ which was an online grocery portal but due to minimum funds and business development the company did not work well, and he suffered a loss.

Amit started his youtube channel in the year 2016. He collabs with different digital marketers to give value to his audience. Amit also collabs with different YouTubers also.

Amit also worked as a content writer in his initial stage. He worked on platforms such as up work and fiver for his clients.

Amit Mishra Early Life

Amit Mishra was born on 17 October in the year 1993. He was born in Delhi. He did his schooling from “Mother Teresa Public School“. Later he got his BCA degree from “Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Management & Information Technology“.

He was of a shy nature from his childhood. But had great ideas to do something great in life. From his early life, he did not want to be in a rat race. Amit Mishra always wanted to do something different from the system.

Amit Mishra Career

Amit Mishra always had an interest in technology. He always wanted to do something great in this field. Amit at his initial stage started a company named “Sure Kirana“. It was a grocery portal hosted online, but due to a lack of knowledge at that time, the company didn’t go as per his plan. He suffered a loss but not of a big amount as it was his first try, and he didn’t invest much.

amit mishra tryootech

After his graduation, he started working at a tech company named Wipro. Although he did not want to work, he had to, for his personal needs. He always believed in passive income rather than active income.

In the year 2016, Amit Mishra started his YouTube channel named “Tryootech“. In his channel, he teaches his audiences about Digital Marketing, SEO, Blogging, etc. According to him, sharing knowledge is as important as gaining knowledge.

In his YouTube channel, he also shares many ways of online earning. He tries to cover every possible way which would help people in their day to day life.

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He also started interviewing many digital marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. who share their valuable knowledge with us.

On 12 June 2017, Amit Mishra started a blog i.e. It is his dream blog, and he is very passionate about it. He shares many ways for passive income too in this blog.

The primary source of earning from this website is from affiliate marketing. He also shares affiliates links of some courses with discount coupons, so that his audience can be benefitted.

Amit Mishra still didn’t apply for Google AdSense for his blog.

He also started an SEO company named “Webonx” where he provides SEO services to his clients. The main vision of his company is to provide SEO services to people at an affordable rate.

Amit Mishra’s TryooTech YouTube Channel

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Tryootech Logo 

Amit Mishra has 3 YouTube channels. The main Channel name is Amit Mishra(Tryootech), Second is a PhonevsMobile and the third is Amit Mishra Vlog Channel. The main focus of the Tryootech YouTube channel is to help internet marketing and online people. He is Regularly video Upload on every YouTube Channel.

He also started an Online SEO Platform where he provides SEO services to his clients. Ranking on Google in today’s time has become very difficult and costly, which is not known to everyone about SEO, it is impossible for all of them. In such a way, Amit is ahead for the help of all those who want to learn and move forward.

Amit Mishra as Entrepreneur

Amit has been blogging for the past four years and has written many of his blogs which people have loved so much. Initially, Amit has worked hard for his 50 clients. In today’s time, Amit Mishra earns money from around 21 places. All of which are online.


amit mishra startups

Amit thinks instead of working 9 to 5 instead of working for himself, he believes in taking along with others to success.

It is not that Amit Mishra did not see failure or difficult time in his life, before opening an online portal which he could not run properly and he had to close down with losses.

Amit Mishra loves blogging, he is also very fond of eating and moving, which we keep looking at his Facebook Instagram daily. Amit is so passionate about Paneer that he is ready to do anything for Paneer.

Amit Mishra Earnings 

Talking about his earning, Amit Mishra has very earning sources. He initially worked as a content writer. He also offered freelancing services on up work and fiver. In a recent interview, he revealed that he has 21+ ways to earn online.

His YouTube channel “Tryootech” has over 280k+ subscribers. He earns a good amount from his YouTube channel. His channel is growing well too. Amit Mishra’s website is also doing great. His blog is ranking on the first page for some keywords. He didn’t apply for Google AdSense yet for his blog. He just earns from affiliate and sponsorships from his blog.

Amit has around 50+ clients, and so he earns a good amount working for them.

Amit Mishra Personal Life

Talking about personal life, Amit Mishra engaged recently with Anjali Shukla. Yes, you heard it right. Amit found his better half, and it is said that they are getting married on February 2019.

Amit is very down to earth in nature. He has good relations with many people. His way of talking and approaching people is good. He tries to respond to most of his audience.

Many people who work with him, give a positive review on him.

Areas of Interest

Amit loves blogging very much. He loves writing and researching on many topics. Amit Mishra says that when you research, you get to learn more. Amit also likes making YouTube videos on many topics. His dedication can be seen in his videos.

Amit also has a great interest in traveling. He likes to visit more places and making memories.

Talking about food than Amit Mishra loves homemade food the most. Also, some food that he likes is Paneer & Cheese Burst Pizza of Dominos. He can do anything for Pizza.

Amit Mishra’s blogs

Currently, Amit Mishra is working on many blogs. Some have revealed, and some are not. Most of his blogs are technology and business-related.

Some of his well-known blogs are:

Amit Mishra’s Interview Series

Amit Mishra starts an interview series on his youtube channel and he tacks more than 20 interviews with entrepreneurs. Below Check Interview Series –

  1. 31st January 2018 – Satish Kushwaha Interview(Watch)
  2. 14th April 2018 – Mayur Bhai Interview(Watch)
  3. 21st June 2018 – Gaurav Madaan Interview(Watch)
  4. 24th June 2018 – India’s top Blogger Harsh Agrawal(Watch)
  5. 6th July 2018 – Harsh Chauhan Interview(Watch)
  6. 14th July 2018 – Top Digital Marketer Deepak Kanakaraju(Watch)
  7. 28th July 2018 – Top Content Marketer Pardeep Goyal(Watch)
  8. 8th August 2018 – Andrei Interview(Watch)
  9. 20th August 2018 – Instagram Marketing Expert Neha Arora(Watch)
  10. 1st September 2018 – Sahil Khanna Interview(Watch)
  11. 14th September 2018 – Sourav Jain Interview(Watch)
  12. 18th September 2018 – Amit Peshawari Interview(Watch)
  13. 26th September 2018 – Adi K Minds Interview(Watch)
  14. 8th October 2018 – Pritam Nagrale Interview(Watch)
  15. 19th October 2018 – Portrait Flip Company Interview(Watch)
  16. 1st November 2018 – Manik and Pankaj Sharma Interview(Watch)
  17. 17th November 2018 – Ankit Singla Interview(Watch)
  18. 3rd December 2018 – Dropshipping Expert Moonis Ali Interview(Watch)
  19. 3rd January 2018 – World’s Number 1 Digital Marketing(Watch)
  20. 17 January 2019 – MTV Fame Rahul Bhatnagar(Watch)
  21. 7 February 2019 – Pro Blogger Kulwant Nagi Interview(Watch)
  22. 1 March 2019 – Pro Blogger Ankit Singla(Watch)
  23. 8 March 2019 – YouTuber Mahatmaji Technical(Watch)
  24. 22 March 2019 – Gaurav Bharadwaj Interview(Watch)
  25. 31 March 2019 – Dharmendra Kumar My Smart Support(Watch)
  26. 14 April 2019 – Arbab Usmani Upskill Founder(Watch)
  27. 8 May 2019 – Saurabh Bhatnagar Interview(Watch)
  28. 28 May 2019 – Avi Arya Internet Moguls Founder(Watch)
  29. 11 June 2019 – Saurabh Chaudhary Dropshipper(Watch)
  30. 13 August 2019 – Sourabh Rana SEO Expert(Watch)
  31. 11 September 2019 – Sahil Khanna Instagram Growth(Watch)
  32. 2 October 2019 – Entrepreneur Om Thoke Interview(Watch)

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