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Steve Paul Jobs is popularly known as Steve Jobs. He was born on 24 February 1955 and died on 5 October 2011. Steve Jobs was an American businessman and an investor too. He was the chairman of Pixar and was holding the maximum shares in Pixar. Moreover, he was the chairman, co-founder, and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the very famous mobile company named Apple Inc. He was the member of one more popular and widely known company named as The Walt Disney. Other than this he was the founder, Chief Executive Officer of another famous brand known as NEXT.

Steve Jobs gained most popularity when he was into the technology of Microcomputer revolution. Moreover, he was widely considered to be the master of Microcomputers in the time span of the 1970s and 1980s and that too along Steve Wozniak, who was the co-founder of Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs Early Life

steve jobs childhood
Steve Jobs Childhood

The home town where Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, the U.S. After living the life of 56 years, he died in Palo Alto, California, U.S. The major cause because of which he has to die was pancreatic cancer. His resting place is situated in Alta Mesa Memorial Park. After Steve Jobs was born, he was left all alone and then was adopted and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. IN 1972 he decided to join Reed College but unfortunately decided to drop out that year only.

He started traveling through all India in order to grab enlightenment and learn Zen Buddhism. Some FBI reports stated that he used to consume marijuana and do LSD, to which he clearly refused to accept. The report also stated that he told a reporter that LSD was one of the best things among three which he has done in his life.

Then in 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak became the co-founder of Apple and launched the Wozniak Apple-I which was the first personal computer from their company. The partnership of both the men gained a good game and was able to get a good amount of money. They used this money to produce another personal computer known as Apple-II. This personal computer was the first computer which required mass production. It gained much popularity and people started loving the company as the service provided by the duo was quite great.

steve jobs and wozniak
Steve Jobs and Wozniak

After a few years of hard work and they launched new technologies. This lead to the unsuccessful technology like Apple Lisa and after that the Macintosh. Macintosh was the first computer which was packed with GUI (Graphical User Interface). At this time Steve Jobs was struggling a lot. This lead to dismissing of Steve Jobs from the company and the incoming of new CEO named as John Sculley. Then after some time, Steve Jobs took some member from Apple Inc. to establish a new computer platform development company which was named as NeXT.

In 1997, Apple Inc. decided to merge with NeXT, the company which was launched by Steve Jobs. After the merging, it took very less time for Steve to become the CEO of his former company Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was completely responsible for reviving Apple Inc. as it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Background of Steve Jobs

steve jobs father paul jobsThe biological parents of Steve Jobs were Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble. As I told above that Jobs was adopted, therefore the parents who adopted him were Paul Jobs and Clara Hagopian. The biological father of Jobs was the son of a self-made millionaire. He didn’t go to college in his life. His mother was a traditional housewife.

When he was pursuing the course of undergraduate he was an activist and much more into political activities. This led him to besides the jail. Paul Jobs was the son of a poor man. His father used to drink often. Sometimes he became quite abusive too. Paul Jobs had many tattoos on his body. He also dropped out his high school and started traveling in search of some work. Eventually, he got a job and started working at United States Coast Guard as an engine room machinist. Paul Jobs also went on a blind date in order to find his better half with Clara Hagopian. After that date, they decided to get engaged 10 days later and got married in 1946.

Coverage of Steve Jobs In Books & Media

steve jobs daughter lisa jobsAfter Steve Jobs grew up, he became a very famous subject in the books and media of the United States.

The eldest daughter of Steve Jobs named as Lisa Brennan Jobs told everyone about how cruel Steve was. She even illustrated the proofs of the cruelty that he showed when she was going through the period of Adolescence. She also told the reason behind this cruelty of Steve Jobs. She stated that the big success and fame enabled and pushed him to become a cruel person. His behavior became quite ruthless and he even started abusing too.

Innovations By Steve Jobs

If you have even something about Steve Jobs then the reason must be his innovations and designs. The innovations and designs created by Steve were simply amazing and gained popularity in a very short span of time.

The designing and innovating ability of Jobs was very much influenced by Buddhism and Zen. As I told above, he did come to India and went on a journey in order to adapt and learn Buddhism. He was on traveling for a span of 7 months. In these 7 months, he learned a lot and became much influenced by the people who were studying with him.

Steve jobs - The lost legend
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The co-founder of Apple Inc. which was with Steve Jobs didn’t write any code. Daniel Kottke which was a very old friend of Steve Jobs and an old employee of Apple too told that among the Jobs and Woz, Jobs was the marketer and Woz was the one who used to innovate.

He has been listed as the co-inventor or the primary inventor in whooping 346 patents present in the U.S. All of these patents fall in the categories of innovative technology. He was involved in making personal computers to portable devices.

Apple II

After the duo made Apple-I, they introduced the Apple-II as soon as they earned some bucks throughout them. Apple II is basically 8 bit home computer. This was considered to be one of the most amazing and most demanding machines at that time. This high-end machine was launched in 1977 in a science fair in the U.S. and became the first Apple-II to be sold to a consumer by Apple Inc.

Apple Lisa

After they got success by launching Apple II, they got quite motivated and thought of expanding by producing some more high-end machines. After Apple-II, Apple Lisa was launched. It is considered to a personal computer designed by Apple Inc. It was basically launched in the mid-1980s. At the time of launch, Apple Lisa was only a personal computer that had Graphics User Interface embedded in it. However, the launching didn’t prove to be profitable. It couldn’t stand upon the hype that was created. With poor production, Apple was only able to sell 100,000 units of Apple Lisa.


Apple iMac was a surely a result of Steve Job’s return to Apple Inc. Apple iMac was basically released in 1998. The innovative and modern design of Apple iMac impressed many people over the globe. The design of iMac was completely new and looks very modern.

imac in 1998
First iMac in 1998

Apple even boasted a lot of things about iMac. And all that was true for real. It was just incomparable to other personal computers present at that time. The first Apple iMac was sold for whopping $1,299. The features which were packed with iMac were completely new and unique. It was one of the best move played by Apple Inc. By the launch of Apple iMac, it gained massive popularity and made a special place in people’s heart.


I bet that you cannot deny that you haven’t listened about Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone is one of the most popular phone series present in the world right now. The first iPhone from Apple Inc. was released on June 29, 2007. After it’s launch, a survey was made out and the report showed that out of 10, 6 people were aware of the launch of the first iPhone.

steve jobs make iphone

After one year of the launch of first iPhone, iPhone 3G was released which supported 3G network connectivity. After this, a successor of iPhone 3G was released and was named as iPhone 3GS. Functions like voice control, network connectivity, camera quality were improved a lot.

After this one more iPhone was launched which was named as iPhone 4. It was quite thin as compared to the previous models. It was the first iPhone to support a front facing camera. Its rear camera could record up to 720p videos. It was the launch when Apple Inc. boomed up again.


So this was all about the great man Steve Jobs. He is one of the best entrepreneurs in past, present, and future. His story is quite inspiring. Even though he dropped his college in between, but still he managed to be such a great person.

I hope you like Steve Jobs Life Journey and inspire from him. You all are also one Entrepreneur and create something best and problem-solving Innovation. If you Interested in Entrepreneur Biography, Wiki or Life Journey than visit our blog ““. I am regularly uploading Success Story, Case Study, and Motivational Story.

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