Dr. Vivek Bindra Wiki and Life Journey

vivek bindra wiki and life journey

Dr. Vivek Bindra is the most popular Motivational Speaker and Business Coach. He gives business case study and business growth ideas on his YouTube Channel.

Today I am writing about Dr. Vivek Bindra. If you are Interested in Learn Dr. Vivek Bindra Wiki than please read the full article.

In order to maintain the speed of development in today’s world in infinite competition, it should stand on its feet. If you do not update yourself, then this world will soon leave miles behind in the race to update you.

In such a situation, there is an important task in our daily routine to improve people’s change and competitiveness, but how to be motivated to do so? This is where various sources of inspiration come to our rescue.

The powerful words spoken by inspirational speakers around the world retain the spirit of millions. Dr. Vivek Bindra is contributing to making such a sense successful.

India is a land of rich Vedic texts like Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita. These are life-changing religious texts that bring meaning to our existence. Many world famous motivational speakers received unsuccessful proven knowledge from these divine books, such a famous motivational speaker is Dr. Vivek Bindra.

More than 25 million people are watching their video in 190 countries, they choose to speak Hindi in spite of their proficiency in the English language. His goal is to help him reach the remote corners of India in his country with the help of his mother tongue, and through his powerful words enable each of them to be able to serve them.

Who is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra, the famous Hindi inspiring President, is constantly trying every effort to make every person dream big and achieve bigger achievement. His innovative and transnational videos in all age groups are very popular, he has strongly recommended the “undivided focus” on the undivided focus which is to be done every day.

who is vivek bindraVivek Bindra received education and management principles from Vedic texts and informed the people about their hidden capacity.

What is the Education of Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra was born on April 5, 1978, in Delhi. They were very talented since childhood and were also the top in reading. When he was only two and a half years old, his father died and his mother got married again. Vivek Bindra did not get the love of both parents. His childhood was spent with great difficulty.

Early studies St. from Xavier College Delhi (1999-2001) and completed MBA studies from Amity Business College Noida. College education loan At the time of MBA’s studies, some of the teachers who were part of the guide, the Sartorial Masters, gave him heartfelt praise.

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Impressed by Shrimadbhagwadita, he became a good motivational speaker today. The name of Bhagavadgita comes definitely in every video of her.

Dr. Bindra explains that he learned all theories from Bhagavadgita. Vivek Bindra says that you can be successful only when your basic is good. Bhagavadgita is not a book to bow only but is a book to be brought down in life. They say that “Bhagavadgita is not a religious book”. Arjuna asked in Bhagwadgita and Krishna replied.

The Gita has answered all the questions of life. It does not utter words like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, and any Pakistani like them also have all their videos. Vivek Bindra says that skill was given to Arjuna by his Guru Dronacharya in his childhood. Shri Krishna gave Arjuna the Will Power. Skill is inside us but will power comes from God. Dr. Bindra told in one of the videos that Dronacharya taught Technique to the Pandavas. And Shrikrishna taught Arjuna to build Attitude.

Dr. Bindra points out that if Gita is a guide book, then read the scriptures, then success will definitely be found. The king of Vedic times and ancient times used to follow Gita. Vivek Bindra is a successful person. He is a good citizen as well as a good husband and father. Vivek Bindra’s name comes with many Motivational Speakers. His wife’s name is Geeta Sabarwal and his son name is Madhava.

Dr. Bindra has been honored with several awards. Today there are many who watch their video. Who has been successful by being inspired by his words? He is successful in every field.

Vivek Bindra Motivational Speakers assists more than 500 corporates on how the company should be brought to Uchaiyas and more impressive than their example, people are more influenced by motivational inspiration and boosting things.

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On December 6, 2013, you opened a channel on the name of which Dr. Vivek Bindra was named. Today, his channel is very much liked by the channel and now this channel has 8.1 million subscribers and his channel is Top YouTube Channel of India.

Not only in India, but Vivek Bindra also has a tie-up with his company abroad. For whom they help the Employee and inspire.

Some of the famous quotes of Dr. Bindra are: “History is not a history, it is not history creation“. And “only the stubborn man makes history, the wise man falls about him“.

As Corporate Trainer

Vivek Bindra owns a company named GLOBAL ACT. He also works as a Corporate Trainer in his company. His company name changed Global Act to Bada Business in 2019.

leadership funnel

As a Corporate Trainer, so far he has served more than 1500 companies in 25 countries and they are still associated with the GLOBAL ACT as a client.

Due to being a great trainer, Dr. Marshal Goldsmith gave them the title of “The World HRD Congress Best Leadership Trainer” in 2016.

OIUM University of Colombo has also given them Ph.D. degree (Doctorate of Philosophy).

Talk to them as a Corporate Trainer or as a Business Consultant or a Motivational Speaker. So in all, they tell the words and ideas that are taken from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

As Motivational Speaker

Vivek Bindra is a fantastic motivational speaker. They often explain anything in their speech with a live example, which instantly influences their speech.

When asked to Vivek Bindra, where did the motivation of becoming a motivational speaker come from? Vivek Bindra explains that when he was doing an MBA, he got some mentor, guide and spiritual masters who advised him to read Bhagwat Gita.

bounce back

See also the coincidence that at the same time he got the opportunity to go to Vrindavan and from there he also started reading Bhagvat Gita. He has spent quite a few moments of his life in teaching and studying his principles.

Vivek Bindra says that Bhagvat Geeta is not a religion but an education book. Words like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, have never been pronounced All the troubles that come in our life have been addressed in this book. By reading that, any person can easily get success by settling the problems in his life.

I have also adopted the principles written in this book in my life and have also succeeded. As a motivational speaker, I want to be able to reach the maximum number of theories written by Bhagwat Gita.

In 2019 Vivek Bindra Reduce his Leadership Funnel Fees. Before 2019 Leadership Funnel fees are more than 1 Lacks. But Now Vivek Bindra Decide to start Entrepreneurship Program in Hindi. This program fees for Students 750 and for Businessman fees is around 1500 Rupees per month.

Dr. Vivek Bindra as Writer

Vivek Bindra believes that as many people today are successful, they have got success because they still have books. Whether it is Bill Gates or the Warren Buffet. He wrote many books according to his business experience.

They want to increase the number of new entrepreneur in our country, as well as those whose business is already running.

books of vivek bindra

Bring the business to a different level so that our country can also be developed along with us.

Vivek Bindra’s Books:

  • Double Your Growth – 150 Rs(Buy Now)
  • Everything About Corporate Etiquette – 299 Rs(Buy Now)
  • Everything About Leadership – 200 Rs(Buy Now)
  • Effective Planning And Time Management – 250 Rs(Buy Now)
  • From Pocket Money To Professional Salary – 200 Rs(Buy Now)
  • Everything About Effective Communication – 299 Rs(Buy Now)

That is why he has written some books by taking valuable time in his life. In these books, he has included many categories like Business Skills, Business Plan, Personal Skill, Time Management, which are very important for Business Grow. You can easily learn this business principle by reading their books.

Dr. Vivek Bindra as YouTuber

Vivek Bindra made a YouTube channel on 6 December 2013 in his own name. On which they used to deliver the movable videos.

He believes social media is the easiest way through which any person can easily communicate his thinking to other people.

vivek bindra as youtuber

Their purpose is not to earn money from YouTube, but to inspire and motivate people with their own words so that people can easily succeed in their life.

The number of 8 million+ subscribers is also from 190 countries, they tell how many are YouTube users.

If you have attended their Live Sessions or have seen their YouTube videos, then you must have heard a word “BOUNCE BACK“. When they were asked, what do you mean by bouncing back?

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Then he said that “When you do something new or different, you lose it because no product or service is successful in the first time. But when you do the same thing again the second time, improving the previous mistakes, it becomes easier for you to get as much or to get success“.

Vivek Bindra launches his Android and ios Application Bada Business on 8 May 2019. Within 2 Days, this app is installed on more than 1 lack device. If you want to download “Bada Business – Dr. Vivek Bindra” than click here.

Unknown Facts about Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra gives credit to Shri Bhagwatgita for the success of his life. He believes that this book has already been written in a solution to all problems related to life.

They have trained more than 800 HR professionals under one roof at a time. Which is also a World Record.

Because of his 10 years of research, understanding, and experience, Vivek Bindra can solve problems of people easily.

Vivek Bindra remains active on social media, due to which he has more than 5 lakh followers and likes on Facebook. On Linkedin and Twitter, the number of their followers (Linkedin-38000 + follower, Twitter-19000+ followers) is not less.

I hope you like Vivek Bindra Wiki and Motivate from him. If you have any question or query about Dr. Vivek Bindra than comment below, I try my best to your question. If you like this article then share your friends and family member who is a big fan of Vivek Bindra. If you want to learn more motivational story and entrepreneur story then visit www.makedigitalindian.com


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