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Facebook Page RVCJ Success Journey

Well, the majority of Indians who are active on Facebook might have surely come across this awesome page “RVCJ“. Its full name is Rajnikant Vs CID Jokes. As we all know, the best therapy to reduce stress is laughing and this page aims to do such.

No great work builds in a day and so same goes with this page. The FB page started its journey by sharing jokes and memes. At present RVCJ Media is not a simple Facebook page, but it has become a brand now.

Presently RVCJ Media has over 14 millions fans on Facebook and over 1.7m followers on Instagram. They also launched their own website where they share information and it’s also one of a source of their income. RVCJ Media also got in the videos industry and they started sharing entertainment videos on their youtube channel.

The page was created on October 10, 2010, and till today the page has continued to share happiness. The reason behind the immense success of this brand is because of three people who first dedicated their careers for this page. Presently the brand has a team who work collectively for its success.

RVCJ Media Success Story

RVCJ Media is one of the most followed entertainment pages in India. The pillar of the success of this brand is because of the sacrifices of three people who dedicated their careers and time for this page.

The page started on October 10, 2010. During those days there was a huge buzz on the internet about CID shows and Rajnikant’s then-new released movie Robot.

Shahid Javed took the initiative of opening a FB page. Initially, he shared jokes which were mostly text-based. The only motive behind this page was to make people laugh. He named the page Rajnikant vs CID jokes.

Shahid and an MBA graduate and was also in a 10-6 job, so sometimes it became tough for him to manage time. The page does receive love from the audience and within 1 year of its creation, received around 18000 likes.

rvcj founder and team

During those days Shahid realized that a guy used to comment regularly on his uploaded pics. The boy used to do photo-based comments which are called memes in present times.

The boy’s name was Ankit Mor. One fine day, Ankit messaged Shahid on FB either he too can take the responsibility of admin for this page. Shahid didn’t even think for a minute to say yes.

Then, Shahid began sharing text-based jokes and Ankit took over the photos department. But as we discussed earlier Shahid a job person, so gradually it became tough for him to manage time. Similarly, with approaching exams of Ankit, it became tough for him too to manage time. But they didn’t give up.

Within 2 years, the page received 6 lakhs likes and continued to grow rapidly. Piyush Dwivedi who was a CA student and also a friend of Ankit joined RVCJ team. He was a creative and hardworking guy.

During the year 2013, a guy named Hardiek Kanteliya also joined the team. He aimed mainly at making jokes on trending topics.

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By 2014, they received around 56k likes on their page. They became very popular among the youths. But despite all these, they didn’t earn single money from their page.

Then on the very same year, a turning point changed everything. Harpreet Bajwa joined the team who took the responsibility of creating the RVCJ website. Harpreet was a technology lover at the same time loved sharing happiness. He was already working in an MNC with a 7 digit salary then.

The website launched on the fourth anniversary of RVCJ Media i.e on October 10, 2014.

After 3 months of the website launch Shahid, Ankit, and Harpreet decided to quit their jobs and give full time on their dream. It was a tough decision for them but as we all know life is all about taking risks.

Soon their website included in top 500 websites of India. There came a time when the monetization option of their website disabled. It was a tough time for them, as it was a major source of earning for them. But soon after a few days, their monetization was once again enabled.

Social Media Profile

Below we give RVCJ official social media profile links. How much followers of RVCJ?

RVCJ Journey Achievements

RVCJ Media at present is one of the top comic pages in India. Not only creating jokes and memes but the company now also makes videos on their Youtube channel and also promote most of Bollywood Movies.

rvcj profile

It’s now 8+ years of RVCJ Media and they have around 15million+ and 1.7million+ fans on Facebook and Instagram respectively. Today RVCJ Net worth is more than $600 Crores.

The team has now around 70+ members who work efficiently for the company. Its a matter of dedication and hard work of these guys of making a simple page to such a brand.

I hope you Like RVCJ Success Journey and follow on Social Media. If you know anything more about RVCJ then please comment below and say with other peoples.

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