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Sundar Pichai is an Indian-American executive. He is presently the CEO of the tech giant Google. Sundar Pichai is a tech lover and so associated with the tech giant. He is an Indian born American computer scientist. He is one among the few Indian who hold such a vital position in the technology industry.

Sundar interested in the management fields and was also a loved kid from his initial stage. The love for sports of Sundar can be calculated by the fact that he doesn’t miss a match, usually football matches. Sundar is also a great fan of cricket.

As a sharp mind from childhood, he received many prizes and awards in his schoolings.

Sundar Pichai Early Life

Sundar Pichai or Pichai Sundararajan was born on July 12, 1972. he was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, a small town in India. His father’s name is Regunatha Pichai who was an electrical engineer at GEC, the British conglomerate. His mother’s name is Lakshmi who was a stenographer. The parents of Sundar worked hard for his upbringing and made sure Sundar get the things he wanted. Sundar’s father also had a manufacturing plant which aims at producing electrical components.

Sundar Pichai College

School Life

Sundar did his schoolings from Jawahar Vidyalaya which is a Central Board of Secondary Education school in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Sundar was a bright student from the very beginning. He loved doing experiments from his childhood especially in the field of technology. Later he completed his 12th from Vana Vani school in the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

College Life

As interested in technology from an initial stage, engineering was the best scope to do something great. Sundar Pichai earned a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. It is a dream of every student to earn a seat in this institute and Sundar was one of them. It is the most prestigious engineering institutions in India.

He earned a degree i.e B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. After doing great in the institution, he earned a scholarship to study at Stanford University. He did his M.S. in engineering and materials science in the year 1995. After doing his MS, Sundar decided to stay in the US and study MBA. He did his MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Although born is a middle-class family, Sundar never compromised with his dreams. His father also supported him and made sure he received all the comfort. Sundar’s father believed that education the greatest weapon, so he always aimed to provided quality education.

As a child, Sundar grew up in a small two-bedded room in Madras. As a child, he usually slept with his brother.

Sunder Pichai Careers

After a successful initial stage, he decided to study a bit further. He planned to do his Ph.D. from the Stanford but later thought against it. Later he planned to drop out and joined Applied Materials—a Silicon Valley semiconductor maker. He joined the company as an engineer an product manager but did not work long there. The name of the company where he joined as a product manager was McKinsey & Company. After he left this company, he thought of doing something great which would help to excel in his career.

Sundar Pichai later joined Google in the year 2004. Initially, he managed the product management and innovation efforts i.e Google’s client software products. The products include Google Chrome, Chrome OS and also the Google Drive.

sundar pichai launch chrome

Later he also started experiments on the development of other Google applications such as Gmail and Google Maps. On !9th November of the year 2009, Sundar gave the demonstration of a Chrome OS i.e the Chromebook. It was the released for trial and testing in the year 2011. The Os released for all in the year 2012. On May 20 of the year 2010, Sundar announced the open-sourcing of the new video codec, i.e VP8 by Google. He also introduced the new video format than i.e the WebM.

On March 13 of the year 2013, Sundar Pichai added Android to the list of Google products. Android was founded by Andy Rubin. Android after getting its name attached to Google started reaching new heights which can be seen from its popularity. Sundar Pichai selected as the CEO of Google on August 10 of the year 2015. On October 24 of the year 2015, Sundar got a new position at the completion of the formation of Alphabet Inc, the new holding company for Google.

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Sundar Pichai thus never looked back from that stage. He reached new heights with his talent and ability. In the year 2004, he was suggested as a contender for Microsoft’s CEO, which was later eventually given to Satya Nadela. Sundar drew huge publicity when on August 2017, he fired a Google employee who wrote a ten-page manifesto criticizing the company’s diversity policies. The person wrote that the company differentiates between men and women and thus there is less number of women employees in the company.

In December of the year 2017, Sundar Pichai was the speaker at the World Internet Conference in China. There he stated that Google does help China and the Chinese companies. There are many such small and medium-size Chinese business who take the help of Google to take their products outside China.

10 Facts about Sundar Pichai

10 facts about sundar pichai

  1. Sundar is a lover of Sports. He didn’t miss football matches of Barca which is his favorite team. Sundar is also a great cricket fan. Sundar loved both watching and playing Cricket. He was also the captain of his school cricket team.
  2. Under the age of, 12 Sundar didn’t possess a phone, neither his family did. But still, then his love for technology was always alive.
  3. Sundar once tried to talk to his friend as a Google employee before joining the company itself.
  4. Sundar usually interacts with the students of IIT Kharagpur over skype at regular intervals.
  5. He joined the company i.e Google even before the company was announced publically.
  6. Sundar was from his childhood good at remembering numbers. He always remembers the numbers he dialed once.
  7. Sundar was one of the top contenders for the CEO post in Microsoft. The post was later given to Satya Nadela.
  8. Pichai is the master of ceremonies at Google I/O since the past few years.
  9. Sundar by nature is a very gentle and ground to earth person. He usually helps the needy and also friendly by nature.
  10. While working in Google, Twitter once approached him, but Google increased his pay in order to retain him.

Sunder Pichai Personal Life and Love Story

Sundar Pichai is a gentle and down to earth person. The close members know how his nature is and everyone would agree to the above line. Talking about Sundar Pichai’s personal life, he married Anjali Pichai. It is said that Sundar and Anjali were in a relationship for a long time. The couples were close from the days of colleges back in India.

sundar pichai and his wife anajli pichai

Anjali was born in Kota Rajasthan. Talking about graduation, she studied chemical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Anjali completed her graduation in the year 1993. In the year 1999, Anjali started working with Accenture. The company is a global management consulting firm that provides strategy, digital and technological services. She worked with Accenture for around 3 years as a business analyst and later she left.

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Anjali also considered the main reason behind Sundar’s success. She supported him in every step of his journey and the result seen to all. It is also said that Anjali advised Sundar to continue working with Google, though he got invitations from Microsoft, Twitter etc. His choice to stay in Google finally paid off and the result displayed to all.

Sundar and Anjali are blessed with a son and a daughter. His son’s name is Kiran Pichai and his daughter’s name is Kavya Pichai.

Sunder Pichai House

Sundar Pichai lived in a small two-bedroom in his childhood. But with his effort and hard work, he now lives in a house which is a dream for many. Truly said that hard work pays off, and it can be seen in his living.

Sundar lives in Los Altos Hills in California. He bought this luxury house back in the year 2013. As a CEO of such a big company, he could easily afford that luxurious house.

Many techs geniuses, entrepreneurs, businessmen, actors, and retired sports icons live in the Los Altos Hills.

According to reports, Sundar has multiple properties here in India too.

Sunder Pichai NetWorth and Social Media Profiles

According to the stats of 2018, Sundar Pichai has a net worth of US$ 1.2billion i.e Rs 7,685 Crores INR. Sundar annual income is around US$ 199.7million i.e Rs 1,278 Crores INR. According to the stats, Sundar has witnessed an increase of around 47% in his net worth in the last few years. Well, all the credit goes to his dedication and passion.

sundar pichai social media

Talking about social media profiles, Sundar Pichai is very active on those platforms. Sundar Pichai has around 465k followers on Instagram. And he has a total of around 2.15M followers on Twitter.

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