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Indian Number one Blogger Harsh Agrawal

Today we are presenting an article about the number one blogger Harsh Agrawal. Everybody seems keen to know about this successful blogger. So we thought of presenting him in our today’s article. Harsh Agrawal is one of the fastest growing Indian Entrepreneur.

For the people who still don’t know about him, let me tell you he is one of the successful bloggers who left his job and started his career in blogging. He sets an example for all the people who are looking forward to earning through online work and blogging.

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His dedication towards his desire of getting famous through blogging is his first secret towards his success. He never thought that one day he’ll achieve the title of “Number 1 Blogger”.

Indian Number one Blogger Harsh Agarwal is the owner of a blog “Shoutmeloud”. He also manages his YouTube Channel – Harsh Agrawal.

harsh agarwalHarsh Agrawal introduced himself in an interview. He told about himself that he is an “Engineer” by education whereas a “Blogger” by profession. He completed his engineering in 2008 and got placed in a company, he started blogging as a part-time. He used to write creative things in a diary. During his job in a company, he realized that he has excellent skills which he may use in blogging and achieve his aims. So he thought of leaving the job and finally, in December 2008 he left his job and paid attention towards blogging. In the coming 5 to 6 months in 2009, he made one of the successful bloggers. It was an unexpected moment for him. Harsh Agarwal is the perfect Mentor for Blogger and Other Digital Worker.

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Here is the list of questions which he faced during an interview round with Amit Mishra!! Amit Mishra is also one of the most popular Blogger and also YouTuber. Amit Mishra YouTube Channel – Tryootech.

Some Question and Answer with Harsh Agarwal –

Q-1 Interviewer:

What would you recommend to the users who seem to be confused between their job and desire towards online work?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

When a person starts doing the job in a company he became used to his daily life routine. And it is difficult to come out of your comfortable job. This is the time people get confused between choosing their career.

If you are doing the job in a company and you are getting 50,000 per month salary for working 10 hours. And side by side you are running a blog or a website and for doing work on it for 2 hours, making you get money around 20,000. Only then you can think to switch to your online work. You can think of working more hard over your online work and getting more money. Otherwise, it could become one of the worst decisions of your life to quit your job and start working online.

Q-2 Interviewer:

Can you please tell us how you managed your blog to come on the top level? Means to say it never matters what you search, every time “Shoutmeloud” seems to manage itself to stay on the top?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

I started online work through a free platform of Google. Slowly slowly I heard about WordPress and thought of moving towards it. It was the time I came to know that you can actually earn through this online work. By writing stuff on your blog you can earn money. And also it was the time he came to know about the ads and Adsense.

So one day when I was on the way to my job I saw a board with having written “Shout” on it and don’t know from where “meloud” came, and it was how “Shoutmeloud” born.

As I was very fond of reading and searching for the technical stuff and also there were not many blogs regarding the technical niche. So he used to research first about technical updates and after research, he used to write it on the blog, like what is ADSENSE, what is SEO, how can you earn money through BLOG.

Q-3 Interviewer:

Tell us something about “Shoutdreams”.

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

At the initial stage, I never thought one day it will become a company, I just wanted to live a simple life. Actually, I realized that my “Shoutmeloud” blog which I started to write about the TECHNOLOGY, became a blog about SEO and all. And I wanted to introduce technology to the best. So, I thought of buying a new blog and bought a new blog for 125$. Then I started a new blog particular about the “Tech Niche” named “Shouttech”. That time I realized to make a network of all the bogs and gave a name of “Shoutdreams”. This is how “Shoutdreams” got introduced.

Q-4 Interviewer:

What advice would you give to those who switch to online work to earn money only?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

I would not consider him a blogger, As a blogger is someone who writes creative content about the niche he keeps interests in. If you want to earn money you can become an Internet Marketer or you can do Business on the Internet.

Q-5 Interviewer:

Where do you hail from? Delhi or any other city?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

I belong to the small town of Jharkhand but my education from 11th onwards took place in Delhi and then finally I bought a house here and also my company is settled in Delhi.


My audience wants to know about your motivation and role model in your life !!

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

Everybody in my life inspired me in his own way. When I started there was one particular guy named Rahul Bansal, a fantastic guy who inspired me a lot. And there were two or three more who motivated me. After that I met many more people, maybe I didn’t learn about to blog from them but got to learn a lot about the daily life which worked as a helpful thing for me.

Q-6 Interviewer:

Do people want to know that if they start blogging in 2018, will they be successful?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

It is one of the most asked questions as people think that they are late. More than 2 million posts a day is being published.
Yes, of course, it is the best time to start blogging. Maybe every day millions of post are getting published but only a few posts got much attention. So if you can write unique posts for the viewers and explain everything in the best way, you need to worry about anything.

Q-7 Interviewer:

Which particular niche you will recommend to the users?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

If we talk about a particular niche no one can suggest you about it. You have to start writing over the niche you are passionate about it. Take out a piece of paper and write about your interests and find out a particular best niche, you will never get bored of writing.

Another thing you need to take care of is “the life value of your blog” which is basically known as the “search and search volume”.

Like if you think you will create a blog on “iPhone 5 or iPhone 6”, for how long it will be visited by the users may be for a year only. But later on new versions of iPhone will get introduced and viewers attention from your blog will get shifted. The last but not the least thing is to know the monetization value of your niche. If you start blogging on lyrics, movies, and some other else niches, you can get a lot of traffic but the monetization value of your niche will not help you to get enough earning. So basically these are three things that are required for you to pay attention.

Q-8 Interviewer:

What is the best media for the users to work upon?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

Affiliate Networking, If you are getting less traffic but targeted traffic, then it can be the best media source for you.

Q-9 Interviewer:

When a blogger starts his career he faces troubles regarding traffic? What will you suggest them on how to get traffic?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

Search Engines plays a crucial role in getting traffic. Search Engines provide you the organic traffic and that too in free cost. The other method to get traffic is by spending money on ads, which seems to be get avoided at the initial stage of blogging by bloggers. So the only method to get traffic at free of cost by writing SEO content.

Q-10 Interviewer:

What are your views regarding Auto Blogging?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

It reduces your work hard, In starting you may get benefits from it but eventually it will get end soon.

Q-11 Interviewer:

People want to ask about SEO and how can they learn SEO?

Harsh Agrawal Answer:

From the perspective of blogging it is good to learn about SEO and implement it on the blog by writing SEO posts. You can visit my blog and learn about the meta tags, description, plugins. Then in a week or 15 days, you will start getting visualize the good effects on your site.

So it was all about the one and only blogger “Harsh Agrawal”. You can visit his blogs and get to know more about him and his thoughts. Truly he is not only an excellent blogger but also he is an amazing motivator for everyone.

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