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abby viral biography

Abhinav Prateek commonly known as Abby Viral is currently the youth icon of the nation. He is an inspiration to all of those who want to follow their dreams. He is among the young entrepreneurs of the nation.

Abhinav aka Abby Viral uploads regular motivation videos on his channel Abby Viral. His videos are worth watching and would surely inspire you to do something great. He is also a does motivational rap songs which are upload in that same channel.

Abby Viral(Abhinav Prateek) Biography

If you are on this page than I am sure you know who is Abby viral?

Abby Viral i.e Abhinav Prateek was born on 11th May 1994 in Delhi. He was introvert in his childhood.

In an interview, he said that, whenever some guest visited his place, he used to move to the other room to avoid conversation. But now he stands in front of a huge crowd and gives his speeches.

Abby was very lazy too in his initial stage. He didn’t like to study much thought scored good grades in his schooling. It’s not that he hates the education system, it’s just that he doesn’t like the rat race. According to Abby Viral, “THE BEST WAY TO FIND A JOB IS TO CREATE IT“.

Abhinav doesn’t want to be an average in this competitive world. Abby Viral from an early age his dream of being rich. He used to ask his mom about which profession pays more. Then his mother used to say that, an airplane’s pilot earns more but for that, you have to study hard.

Abby Viral is a big fan of Jeff Bezos from an initial stage. For those who don’t know, Jeff Bezos is the CEO of the company Amazon and at present is the richest person in the world. Abby really liked Jeff’s way of business.

Abby Viral’s dream car is Lamborghini Aventador which is worth 5.01 CRORE INR. And surely he will get it in his possession very soon. Abhinav is very self-motivated(Habit of Successful People) and thus it is seen in his works too. From his childhood, he was very much in poetry and also had the habit of writing.

Motivational Video for Entrepreneur by Abby Viral

This is one of the most popular videos of Abby Viral. After this video, his YouTube channel views are the increase.

Abby Viral Physical Appearance

  • Height – 5′ 8″ or 172 cm(approx)
  • WEIGHT – 75 kg or 165 pounds(approx)
  • Eye Colour – Black
  • Hair Colour – Black

Abby Viral Qualification

Abby completed his schooling from Kamal Model High School. And then he completed his higher secondary studies in science stream.

As he was from a science stream, everyone insisted him for engineering. But he didn’t have much interest in engineering so he decided to drop out.

Abby Viral Personal Life

abby viral height weight
Abhinav Prateek (Abby Viral)

Talking about his personal life, Abhinav was a Hindu by religion. His father’s name is Mr. Ashok Kumar Jha who is a lawyer in Delhi High Court. His mother’s name is Ranjana and she is a teacher in Government Primary School.

He came from a well to do family. As his parents were in a government job, they wanted Abhinav too, to study and get a bit. But Abhinav had plans for something big. He didn’t want to get trapped in the 9-5 system.

He decided to do something in the business field and to some extent change the world and most importantly change people’s views too.

Abby Viral Career

When Abhinav decided to quit engineering and start his own business, everyone including his parents too, were against him. But still, he dropped out of engineering. But things just got started for him.

Then he learned to code on his own. Learned to build websites and designing them too. Then he studied how business works and how to build up a business.

Now at present Abhinav is the CEO of He also runs a youtube channel by the name Abby Viral. In this channel, he uploads both motivational videos and motivational raps.

Currently Abby Viral Start one New YouTube video series on his YouTube Channel. This series name is “100 Baate Kam Ki“. He Uploads one video on every day 5:00 A.M in ‘100 Baate Kam Ki‘ Series.

Why Start?

The story of this startup goes out this way that – once his friend gifted him a watch on his birthday which was around Rs 4000. It was a luxurious watch. But on his friend’s birthday, Abby can’t decide what he can gift as he was low on his budget too.

huppme team

At that moment he realized that “Everyone Measure The Gift On The Basis Of Money No One Measure The Gift On The Basis Of Love“.

Then the idea of the startup stuck his mind. He started his company with some of his friends and 8 thousand rupees. And now it has reached a point of success.

The main motive of this startup is that – “To Show Emotions behind the Gifts“.

Abby Viral Achievement

  • Starting a YouTube channel just to express himself now has reached everyone. His videos are going viral and are very motivating. His YouTube channel has over 838K of subscribers. Some of his motivational raps are very popular and are loved by everyone.
  • Also, his startup i.e has achieved a lot of success in the last 4 years. His company is now worth over 15 crores. The motive of his startup is to add emotions in gifts.
  • Recently Abby Viral launched a course(YouTube Sutra and Kick Star Conclave) an in that too he got a great response.
  • Currently Abby Viral is making Motivational Rap Song in his YouTube Channel.

7 Unknown Facts about Abby Viral

  • Abhinav once said that he made his 1st income working for an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). The amount was about Rs 1800. Then later with that money, he bought gift cards and cakes for his parents.
  • Abby starting his company i.e with an amount of Rs 8000.
  • At the initial stage of their startup, Abhinav worked as a delivery boys too as they didn’t have enough funds to afford one.
  • Once during a Christmas night, Abby was seriously ill and then he got a call for an order. He was not in a state to walk even but still, he went to deliver the orders. He walked through the streets on that cold winter night to deliver those gifts.
  • His dream car is Lamborghini Aventador. The price of the car is around 5 crores(approx).
  • Abhinav also opened a momo stall outside the Jaipur college from where he earned a decent amount at his initial stage.
  • Once Abby had to go to a nearby place which was some kilometers away, to purchase goods for his company. But he didn’t have enough money to go and return on the bus. So he decided to go by bus and return by walking. On his return, he was very exhausted with the heavy loads of the goods and sun shining brightly. He didn’t have enough money even to buy water to drink. Then after walking for a distance, he found a hand pump from where he drank water. Then Later he thanked the owner of the house.

9 Most Powerful Motivational Quotes by Abby Viral

अपने सपनो का पीछा दिन रात करते हैं ,
कामयाबी उन्हीं को मिलती है जो शुरुवात करते हैं.

मेरे में जूनून हूँ,और हिम्मत बेहिसाब हे ,
में हज़ारों बार फेल हुआ, इसीलिए आज में कामियाब हूँ.

सारे सीक्रेट्स आपको पता है,
फिर भी अंजान बन कर क्यों रोते हो,
कामियाब होक आप बेहतर इंसान नहीं बनते,
बेहतर इंसान बन के आप कामियाब होते हो.

जब सीने में जिगर हो, आपको कोई डरा नहीं सकता,
खुद पे यकीन रखो, फिर आपको कोई हरा नहीं सकता,
यह पत्थर और रुकावटें भी आपकी जर्नी का हिस्सा हैं,
घबराओ मत, नाकामयाबी भी आपकी कामियाबी का ही एक छोटा सा हिस्सा है.

जो दूसरों से जीत जाये वो ताकतवर है,
और जो खुद से जीत जाये वह सर्व शक्तिमान है.

जिनकी आँखों में सपने, मन में जीत का एहसास होते हैं,
विजेता भी आप लोग जैसा ही होते हैं, बस उनके सपने ख़ास होते हैं.

खुशियों का फूल आपकी ज़िन्दगी में भी खिल जायेगा,
आपकी महेनत से ये संसार हिल जायेगा,
सोचते रहो कि वो आपको मिल चूका है,
और वो आपको हर हाल में मिल जायेगा.

पूरी शिद्दत से मेहनत करो, रातो को भी जागते रहो,
बहादुर बनो, खुद पे यकीन रखो और भागते रहो…

अगर दुनिया वालो का मुँह बंद करना हे,
तो बातो से नहीं अपनी कामयाबी से करो.

I hope you Inspire from Abby Viral Biography and Life Journey. And all of you start work for Archive your dream. If you Read More Motivational Story and Entrepreneur Life Journey than please visit our blog please comment your thought about Abby Viral. If you want any other entrepreneur biography than comment below.



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