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Inspiring Success Story of MakeMyTrip

Success Story of MakeMyTrip: Success stories help a lot in remaining inspired. This is the only reason why they are said as inspiring success stories. It just gives a good motivation and helps us to remain consistent in our work. So, to keep you inspired, we are going to tell you the success story of MakeMyTrip.

Success stories help a lot in remaining inspired. This is the only reason why they are said as inspiring success stories. It just gives a good motivation and helps us to remain consistent in our work. So, to keep you inspired, we are going to tell you the success story of MakeMyTrip.

MakeMyTrip is one of the most popular and widely used applications used while traveling. Deep Kalra has founded this Gurgaon based start-up. In today’s time, it has crossed the value of more than $100 million. It is basically an online portal in India which provides online services. These online services include booking bus tickets, air tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations, and holiday packages as well.

Deep pursued his graduation from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He has a degree of bachelor in economics. After the completion of his graduation, he went on to complete his masters form one of the famous MBA institutions named as Indian Institute of Ahmedabad. At the present time, he lives with his family which includes his wife, one 11-year-old daughter, and a 9-year-old son.

How Did The Journey Of MakeMyTrip Began

This is one of the major parts of the success story of MakeMyTrip. The career of Deep Kalra started as soon as he completed his MBA and sit for placements. He was one of the brilliant students. He moved on to work with top class companies like ABN AMRO Bank, GE capital and some others too.

make my trip founder Deep Kalra

After working for some time in AMRO bank, he decided to take the risk and finally quitted his high paying and stable job. He did it just because he was bored working in that bank. After this, he decided to work for an American based company named AMF Bowling.

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After being selected in this job, he started putting all of his efforts for that company. But it was his bad, even after working so hard for the company, his remote boss from America threw him into the business market without giving any proper knowledge and guidance. Soon he realized that this was not for him.

Soon after quitting all his jobs, he took a break. He noticed that the Internet was growing like fire in the people. Moreover, he saw that people used to mess up with brokers and owners for room booking and all. Thereafter, with the help of USD 2 million and some cofounders like Sachin Bhatia and Keyur Joshi he led the foundation of MakeMyTrip.

Hidden Phases Of Success Story Of MakeMyTrip

Irregular Start 

Many of the times we decide to work and aim for something. But the worst thing is that not everybody could start in a perfect way. Most of the time, the things do not support which directly leads to the breakage of the aim. Same was with Deep Kalra. The starting phase of MakeMyTrip was quite rough.

This was because, when MakeMyTrip was started, the internet started to evolve in India. Due to this, not all the Indians trusted this website and hence ignored it. But as we told, Deep Kalra had a bright mind, therefore, he figured it out about how to grow his startup. Soon after regular thinking and hard work, he started providing online ticket reservations to the people who visited India from the US.

The situation of the company became very bad because of which Deep has to take some big decisions. The employee strength of the company literally became half due to his decisions. Moreover, he was even not able to pay the salaries of the remaining employees. Now MakeMyTrip also launch own app for android and iOS. you can easily book your tickets using MakeMyTrip App.

Steady Rise & Popularity

After some time, the decisions of Deep came out to be fruitful. The company started to grow and come out of financial situations. The hard work of Deep has made us write the success story of MakeMyTrip. It happened after the Indian Railways started selling the train tickets online to their passengers.

make my trip office
MakeMyTrip Office Gurgaon

After the launch of the online ticket reservation, the Indian population took a great interest in it. This result in a boom of selling tickets online. Seeing this result, Deep thought that it was the right time to make a hit. Then finally in September 2005, he launched the online reservation services of MakeMyTrip for Indian population too.

After some promotions and advertisements, they got bonded with the online business model of Indian Railways. As they so a good growth in online ticket reservations, he launched some holiday packages and offers which attracted a lot of users to his start-up. And after a lot of hard work, they were finally able to hit the milestone of whooping 200,000 happy customers.

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In December 2013, the company again moved towards a huge loss. The wealth of MakeMyTrip was cut by half which was proved to be a huge problem for the company. Moreover, the lost booking which was worth more than $2.6-million. But this time, Deep and his employees started working with more dedication.

This dedication resulted in a booming profit of 27.7% rise in revenues. With an investment of around 2 million in starting, MakeMyTrip reached a profit of around $10 million. This shows that hard work never goes waste. After getting so much worth, Deep did not sit quietly. He started investing and funding in some more popular companies which gave high returns and added wealth to MakeMyTrip.

Achievements of MakeMyTrip

The success story of MakeMyTrip includes a number of achievements too. Some of them are:

  • Member of the Executive Council of NASSCOM.
  • “Best Online Travel Service Firm” award by Times Travel Honours (2011).
  • “E-tailer of the Year” award by ET Retail Awards (2014, 2013).
  • Member of CII’s Tourism sub-committee.
  • Chairperson of the NASSCOM Internet Working Group.

I hope you inspire from Deep Karla Startup MakeMyTrip. Today MakeMyTrip is one of the leading company in Hotel Booking or Ticket Booking. If you are Inspire from Success Story of MakeMyTrip than comment below.

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