World Youngest Billionaire Kylie Jenner Success Story

Kylie Janner Success Story

Kylie Kristen Jenner is one of the most powerful women in the World. She is the Youngest Billionaire of the World. She becomes Billionaire at the age of 21 Years.

Kylie Kristen Jenner was born on 10 August 1997 to Chris and Caitlin. then known as Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner and Kris Janner in Los Angeles, California. The 21-year-old socialite gave birth to stormy Webster who she had with Infamous rapper Travis Scott on February 1st of this year.

Her Mom Krish Janner is also the Most Successful Woman in the USA. She works in many TV Programs and also Hosts Own TV Program in the USA.

Kylie Janner Wiki

Full NameKylie Kristen Jenner
Birthdate10 August 1997
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, U.S
Age22 Years
Height5.5 Feet
Weight60 KG

Kylie Janner Start Business

Kylie has been in the spotlight for the past 11 years having started her journey to being one of the most influential people.

All in the world when she first appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians during her time on the show. Kylie has also ventured into many different areas of the business world.

Kylie and her sister Kendall started their own clothing line. She appeared as a model for a few different fashion campaigns.

She endorsed several products on social media and had a hair extension line all to name a few if you think it ends there you are. So wrong in July of this year.

Kylie Janner in Forbes
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Kylie was named the youngest person on Forbes’s fourth annual ranking of America’s richest. I’ve made women and ranked number 27 overall considering her time in the spotlight.

Kylie Janner Cosmetics Revenue

You think her money has slowly accumulated right wrong again her approximately $900 million net worth is mostly due to Kylie Cosmetics. Which she owns 100% of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has entered their 15th season in 11 years with the show’s debut on 14 October 2007 the show began racking in the views having had successful ratings its first season more than a decade ago.

Kylie has been on air in the series for the last 13 Seasons having started at only 10 years old the show made approximately 10 million dollars per episode with Kylie earning five hundred thousand dollars per episode since the show started in total the show has accumulated to Jordan 20 episodes in which Kylie starred in 158.

It should be expected that Kylie has racked in quite a small fortune from this Venture alone on April 10th, 2017 life of Kylie a spin-off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was given the green light the show premiered on E on August 6th and lasted for eight 30 minute episodes before ending on September 17th of the same year.

We all know that Kim Kourtney and Khloe ventured into fashion having opened – boutiques in a few different cities across the country.

Kendall and Kylie Janner
Kendall and Kylie Janner

Kylie always being around. Her older sisters was intrigued by fashion as well before she started her Cosmetics company, which is more of an Empire but more on that later. She dabbled her business skills in fashion, Kylie joined forces with older sister Kendall in launching multiple different clothing collaborations as well as a shoe collaboration all under the name of Kylie a lot to swallow right?

Let’s break it down for you.

Their first collaboration was with PacSun which debuted in February of 2013.

They followed up with a plethora of different Collections and have recently dropped their campaign for a fall 2018 collaboration with the brand in the summer of 2015.

The youngest Sisters of the Kardashian Jenner clan collaborated with Topshop to bring an exclusive capsules summer wardrobe that showcases both sister individual fashion styles.

Topshop was the exclusive retailer. Taylor of this collection and it appeared in selected stores and online this giant deal garnered them a reported two million dollars the sisters even launched a lingerie collection with the British brand almost a year ago in the spring of 2016 the sisters debuted Their Own Line Kendall and Kylie which had more of a contemporary Vibe than their previous collaboration collections.

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick, For Personal, Rs 799 ...

Their clothing can be found at high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus Nordstrom Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s Shopbop revolve self. Just Printemps it Kong Kong and Louisa Via Roma.

They can also be found on online shopping sweets such as and with their pieces ranging from $50 to $495 with the majority sold for under $195.

It’s safe to assume that this whole fashion collaboration earned them quite a pretty penny in the beginning. We didn’t know what our customer would love from us. So we kind of gave her a little bit of everything and then watch to see how she reacted Kylie Jenner.

I told back in July of 2017 seeing our body-suits and dresses takeoff was amazing focusing our collection after that has been fun. Just because our customers love what we do on another collaboration note Kendall and Kylie launched a capsule collection on June.

23rd of this year with our Dean a Canadian brand based in Montreal the line showcases tops and bottoms to shoes and accessories and everything in between creating and collaborating with clothing brands is not the only work.

I Has done in her fashion career, she became a brand ambassador and has collaborated with Puma on two versions of an athletic shoe.

Kylie Janner Instagram Journey

The first Fierce was launched in 2016 and reportedly brought her a $1 million pay check the shoe which is described as being a lightweight trainer with zero excuses by Kylie on her Instagram was redesigned later on in the same year the main difference between the original fears shoe and the 2.0 version fears krm is the embellishment on the front of the sneaker.


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someone said there was a vday party♥️♥️♥️

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Which features a textured circular pattern?

  • In the age of Instagram where all it takes to interact with millions of followers is a picture and a few words in the caption.
  • Kylie Jenner has made some pretty impressive money moves according to celeb at the end of 2016.
  • Kylie had tagged 25 different photos with hashtag add to show her endorsement deals.
  • These deals included secret closet dotnet(.net) pure leaf body enhancing products fit tea sugar bear hair vitamins.
  • Loci jewelry.
  • Hi smile teeth whitening kits The waist trainer Jenner was also a brand ambassador for UK skincare brand nip and Fab in 2015.
  • She was named the skincare Brands famous face in March 2015 though. She was a fan of the company long before she got the opportunity to work with them.

I first got introduced to nip and Fab because the range was so popular and I kept hearing people talk about it.

She says so I tried out the glycolic pads and I was obsessed if we take a look at her Instagram page since then there are dozens more not including those of her collabs with previously mentioned Puma or other such as with Sinful Colors Nail Polish or Bellamy hair extensions going back a few years in October 2014.

Kylie Jenner: SO erfolgreich ist ihr Beauty-Brand wirklich

Kylie launched hair extensions lined with Bellamy hair Kylie here Couture by Bellamy the $250 20-inch real hair extensions were all the rage back then with the teal tips being super popular.

As we’ve seen 2016 was a busy year for the youngest Jenner and there’s so much more. We haven’t even got to In the early spring of 2016 Kylie also launched a nail polish collaboration with sinful colors in total.

There were three limited-edition nail polish collections King Kylie sinful shine Trend matters and Denim and bling which was sold at large drug stores such as Walmart Target and Walgreens.

How Much Is The Kylie Jenner x Sinful Colors Collection? Each ...

The Polish is retailed for $2.99 each which isn’t much but having three consecutive and successful collaborations with sure to earn her some coin seven of her collab post with the nail polish.

And on Instagram were tagged as an ad in November of 2016 Forbes also estimated that nearly 20% of Kylie Jenner’s 18 million dollars in earnings came from social media endorsements.

If you want a money value attached to this, which of course you would Kylie’s ads are an equivalent value 2 over 1 million dollars per post across her social media portfolio.

You read that right each one of her dozens of sponsored content on social media from Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat can earn her. Out 1 million dollars D Murray analytics places Jenner as the highest-valued influencer currently on social media today according to Time Magazine.

Are you still not convinced that she has any power on social media in August of 2016.

Kylie Janner Snapchat Queen

Kylie was named the queen of Snapchat as number one.

We all know that Snapchat went through a redesign at the end of 2017 and most users were not happy on February 21st of 2018 Kylie tweeted. So does anyone else not open Snapchat? Chat anymore or is it just me?

Facebook Rises $13 Billion In Value After Single Kylie Jenner ...

This is so sad the Tweet led the app to drop approximately 7.2 percent wiping out an estimated 1.3 billion dollars in the apps market value as if all these accomplishments weren’t enough Kylie worked on some other miscellaneous projects throughout her career in 2012.

Launch Kardashian colors

Her family launched a nail polish collection of OPI under the name of Kardashian colors.

Kylie had two colors as part of this collection wear something sparkly.

And Rainbow in the S Kylie which reportedly earned her $100,000 in 2014.

Mobile App Launching

Kylie joined her sister Kendall in creating and modeling and exclusive to Nordstrom shoe and handbag collection. Part of the Steve maddens Madden girl line in September of 2015.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner's Game: Competing With Sister Kim With New ...

Kylie Jenner released a mobile app for her fans to be able to get exclusive access. she was up to video surrounding her favorite Beauty routines or even just advise all for $2.99 a month not to mention ‘The Kyle’.

A shop is still up and running selling everything from phone cases caps and hoodies. Kylie also teamed up with Kendall to write a two book Sci-Fi series.

The novel’s Rebels city of Indra the story of Lex and Livia and time of the twins the story of Lex and Livia are a thrilling dystopian story about to super-powered girls.

who embark on a journey together the novels which came out June 3rd, 2014 and November 15, 2016. Respectively received quite a bit of backlash and criticism for being League ghostwritten we’ve been beating around the bush here.

Although all these small additions to Kylie’s overall wealth do add up almost all of her nine hundred million dollar net worth comes from Kylie Cosmetics on November 29th, 2015.

Kylie launched the Kylie lip kit at $29 lipliner and lipstick Duo it all started when Kylie Porton 250,000 dollars of her own money, which he had earned all throughout her adolescence to hire an outside company produced the first 15,000 kit.

The kids officially went on sale on November 30th after months of showing glimpses of her products on her social media accounts.

15,000 kits sounds like a lot right? They all sold out in under one minute before I even refresh the page.

Everything was sold out Jenner says in February 2016 Kylie relaunched Kylie lip kit. As Kylie Cosmetics on Shopify when they relaunched under the rebranded name.

The company was armed and ready with 500,000 of the kids this time in. Different colors in November of that year her holiday collection sold almost 19 million dollars worth of orders in the 24 hours following the launch by the end of 2016.

Kylie Cosmetics was selling more than 50 products with income at almost three hundred and seven million dollars want to know how the whole business side of this works.

Look no further Kylie paste Shopify approximately 480 thousand dollars to use the e-commerce platform as well as Point fifty percent of all sales when it. It comes to manufacturing.

She works with John and Laura Nelson of spats Laboratories.

The company produces private label Cosmetics out of there are 80,000 square foot plant in Oxnard, California. As well as from a remote part of Nanjing China Kylie trust the Labs formula know how which means she can save up to six months not working on new formulas.

This means she’s able to pump out more makeup more frequently.

How does it get packaged and shipped seed Beauty parent company. The spats is the one Handles, all these two parts of the business employee around 500 people just to work on Kylie Cosmetics products.

Just last year. Kylie Cosmetics sales were at an estimated 330 million dollars.

You’d think that with all the employees working for the physical labor aspect. The company would not have such a high net worth in reality.

There aren’t many people that work for Kylie Cosmetics directly.

There’s Kylie, of course, who is the 100% owner of our company after? That there are only seven full-time and five part-time employees with momager Kris in the mix who takes a 10 percent managerial cut as she does with all her children.

How does the brand do so well then if there are so little people working on it the answer is so simple. It might break you social media is an amazing platform.

Kylie Jenner says, “I have such easy access to my fans and my customers all the 21 year old celeb has to do is Market her products what she does mainly through her Instagram account. Which has amassed one hundred and fifteen point two million followers and her Snapchat almost hourly.”

She takes to Instagram and Snapchat pouting for selfies with captions about which Kylie Cosmetics shade. She’s wearing takes videos of forthcoming products and announces new launches says Forbes.

After all, the additions of Kylie’s amassed Fortune. It comes out to a cool 900 million dollars. If you haven’t heard it enough she far surpassed each member of her family’s network with a runner up being Kim Kardashian at dare.

We say only 350 million dollars as if surpassing your family’s wealth at just 21 years old Isn’t Enough. Kylie is also ranked number 27 out of 64 Forbes list of America’s richest self-made women of 2018.

Another year of growth will make her the youngest First self-made billionaire ever male or female trumping Mark Zuckerberg who became a billionaire at age 23 Rob Med reported.

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