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Patanjali Success Story and Journey

Patanjali Success Story – Patanjali, as we all know, is a brand of India which is based on Ayurvedic. A herbal and wellness brand well known for its naturally rich products. Patanjali at present is a very popular brand in India. It is already giving tough competition to many big brands which were already there for many years.

The company i.e Patanjali usually aims at giving the same amount of products at comparatively low rates. The main objective of their company is to ensure that their products are of a better quality such that they provide value to the customers.

The owner of Patanjali i.e Baba Ramdev has taken the company to a whole new level. The company i.e Patanjali believes that nature has got the capacity to fight all odds.

Patanjali Success Story

The credit of the success and the popularity of the company goes to its brilliant branding. The branding of Patanjali was well-planned and its result can be seen in its popularity. The reason behind this successful brand is none other than Baba Ramdev. Although with less knowledge about business but the will to do something great was always with him.

The initial journey of Patanjali started back in the year 2002. The advertisements of this brand initially done through the yoga camps and channels telecasted back then.

The plan of creating such a brand planned since 2003 and it came to reality by the year 2006. The company usually managed by Acharya Balkrishna who is a partner of Ramdev since the Gurukul days.

The company usually focused on Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines. Patanjali Yogpeeth usually set up in Haridwar; a Hindu pilgrimage site. Unlike other herbal brands, the owners of this company actually associated with yoga and ayurvedic kinds of stuff.

Talking about support, Ramdev received great support from the BJP government. Baba Ramdev also takes an active part in Yoga Day in many places.

Baba Ramdev on his every campaign, do mention about the brand Patanjali. Ramdev also managed to make Patanjali a ₹3000 crore company only on its name.

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Talking about revenues, by the year 2016-2017, Patanjali hit revenue of around 10,000 crores i.e something great. Ramdev also mentioned about his mission on “MNC Bhagao” and also he could easily manage the huge brand and its value.

Another advantage of Patanjali over other brands, that the advertisements costs of it minimized. They advertise their products through the free Yoga sessions and such gatherings.

Talking about TV ads, they also launched a series of Tv ads on the Dant Kanti Ad i.e a toothpaste product. They have a team and also a research lab named “Patanjali Research Foundation” to look after the yoga works.

The Future of Patanjali

The company did some tie-ups with some popular brands such as and Amazon. The strategy does help the company to scale up its business. Patanjali has expanded itself well in the field of food and grain market.

patanjali products

After success in this field, the company decided to enter the Jeans field too. They decided to launch Pantanjali Jeans and also at the same time looking forward to expanding in the fast food sector too.

Quick Service Restaurants to be opened which will be providing various numbers of fast food. According to sources, it will be providing around 400 vegetarian fast foods.

The launch of Patanjali jeans been postponed but it will soon come into the market. The brand ambassador of the company not convinced by the “Swadeshi Jeans” concept. As he says that there is no connection in either Indian ethos or Ayurveda.

Patanjali also recently created a wave in the market by launching a telecom service along the back of a BSNL and a WhatsApp equivalent, Kimbho App. But due to security reasons, this service of the company soon closed.

patanjali app kimbho

Patanjali is gradually expanding itself in various sectors along the growing popularity of it. Patanjali is getting into various fields and also looking for growth.

The Indian market is growing at a rapid speed and so the scope of e-commerce progress here is very high. Patanjali also using the latest techniques and services is growing at a faster rate.

According to sources, Patanjali has a turnover of over 10.000 crore Rupees and is continuously growing rapidly with each coming year.

Social Media Popularity

Patanjali as a brand is also liked and preferred by the youths of the company. The popularity of this brand can be also found out in the number of followers in their social media profiles.

Talking about Facebook, the company has over 750k+ followers which are great. The brand also has 290k+ followers in their Instagram profile.

Patanjali also has their YouTube channel where they share useful information about their products and also on how to keep oneself healthy with the help of Yoga etc.

Today Patanjali is a big brand of India. Patanjali Sell everything of regular life and it is complete to directly International Brand Hindustan Liver Limited and Etc.

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