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People went crazy after seeing a video of an elephant playing a drum with its trunk

Elephant is a powerful, intelligent and emotional animal, hardly anyone can deny this. They also like to perform beautiful acts, listen to songs like us humans. There are many videos on the internet that prove how intelligent elephants are. You may have seen this often on social media or around you.

Elephants are so intelligent that if they are taught something, they learn quickly. Such videos are going viral on social media every day. Meanwhile, a video of an elephant is going viral on social media, which is very cute. After watching this video, you will also appreciate the elephant. This elephant learns faster than a human learns.

A video shared by Eric Schiffer on Twitter is going viral. An elephant is shown who has mastered the rhythm. In the video, an elephant can be seen trying to imitate a human. An elephant can be seen drumming with its trunk. This funny video has won the hearts of people.

The video of the elephant is going viral as soon as it hits social media. People are showering intense love on the cute video of the elephant. More than 5 lakh people have seen this video of the elephant so far. Not only this, people are also reacting strongly to this. People never tire of praising the elephant in this video. Many people commented that the elephant should start his own band in the jungle. Others said that animal names should be chosen that could join the elephant group.

A user wrote, – Beautiful smart precious Jumbo, I love her so much and adore her so much. Another shared – Somebody give him a hug and a kiss right now, beautiful jumbo. A third wrote in the comments – Nice to see the elephants doing their unusual activities. Another user wrote- Glad to see this hilarious video this morning. Have a great morning and day.






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