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Ritesh Agarwal is the founder of OYO Rooms. He is a young and talented Indian entrepreneur. OYO Rooms is a well-known organization that provides rooms in the budget for travelers, family members and young couples who are looking for rooms. At such a young age he has been awarded numerous recognition’s.

Below we come up for you with the biography of Ritesh Agarwal in which we will touch upon the several stages of his personal life and the ways through which he reached the Top 50 entrepreneurs of a year in 2013.

About Ritesh Agarwal – Age, family, wiki

Ritesh Agarwal was born on 16th November 1993 in a small town Bisam in Cuttack Orissa. He completed his schooling and also spent his younger days in his birthplace only. He went to Sacred Heart School in Rayagada. Following the completion of schooling, he moved to Indian School of Business and Finance in New Delhi.

He is from a middle-class Marwari family who did not have an excellent financial condition. Before becoming a millionaire, Ritesh was supported by his family and only because of their support he has become what he is today. The family members of Ritesh Agarwal always supported him with all the decisions he made in his life. He dropped out of college; instead, he commenced his own company in the field in which he was much interested.

Personal life of Ritesh Agarwal

ritesh agarwalWhen he was just seven years old, he started traveling to many places in India but was not much satisfied with his accommodation business. However, he decided to start a hotel business in India.

He is a very down to earth person who treats his colleagues and friends with the utmost love and care. He is very active on social media as you can check Ritesh Agarwal’s social media profiles. Ritesh has no girlfriends due to his busy daily schedule.

The success story of OYO CEO Ritesh Agarwal

OYO rooms as we all know is a very successful startup and is the country’s largest hotel budget hotel chain. It offers about 50000 rooms in 500 hotels nationally. The main work of OYO is not to own hotels but link up with specific hotels and acquire several rooms which can be provided to people who want to avail of the OYO services.

In terms of cleanliness, affordability, and availability of budget hotels OYO rooms are the best. The journey of Ritesh Agarwal to be successful is not very smooth. He has faced many difficulties to gain success.

Ritesh was very fond of moving to a new place and have been too many places worldwide. All through his journeys, he experienced many issues in relation to the accommodation. He has to spend a lot of money in every place and then also cannot get a good place to stay.

Sometimes in less budget, he found much better accommodations. Such experience was the real inspiration of Ritesh Agarwal to decide that he should commence his own online booking community. By this, he can provide people with the place to live, and that will also be on the budget.

oyo rooms

Ritesh was just 18 when he started Oravel, which is a platform that creates a list of hotels which are available according to the place and where people can book within their after sometime Ritesh realized that providing rooms to people in half value did fulfill the customer’ pleasure by ignoring them.

Oravel to OYO Rooms

Thus in 2013, he changed the name to ‘Oravel‘ to OYO Rooms in which he offers low-cost, comfortable rooms. In 2011 Ritesh Agarwal ‘s net worth from Oreg was 60000 rupees from one hotel in Gurgaon. For the financial support which his company needed he head towards the 20 under 20 their Fellowship.

In 2019 Ritesh Agarwal Start expands of OYO Rooms India to All  Over World. And Today Ritesh Agarwal Net worth is 2600 Crores. His Earing is More than One State Economy.

This was started by PayPal founder Peter Thiel and under which 20 entrepreneurs under the age of 20 are chosen and offered the amount of 100000 dollars. Ritesh applied and was selected and with this became the first person in India to join the Fellowship list. With the help of amount received Ritesh Agarwal gave OYO rooms a much superior standard.  Following this, the Venture Company also helped Ritesh financially.

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After launching OYO rooms from Gurgaon, the company launched about 4000 hotels in about 160 cities in India. Recently OYO Rooms has been launched in Malaysia. Ritesh Agarwal also launched an OYO Rooms app for Windows and Android phones. With the help of this app, people can easily book hotels and rooms as per their budget and preferences. Today the name of OYO Hotels is known to be India’ largest budget branded hotel chain.

Some interesting facts and milestones of Ritesh

Ritesh Agarwal is a self-made man and is a well known successful entrepreneur. He is the first Indian resident to win the Thiel Fellowship. He entered the Forbes list of 30 under 30 in the consumer tech sector.

Ritesh continuously ranked in the list of top ten Indian entrepreneurs in numerous times. He also bagged the business world young entrepreneur award in 2015. Ritesh also wrote a book which was sold hugely on Flipkart.  The name of the book was ‘Indian engineering Colleges: a complete Encyclopedia of Top 100 engineering Colleges’.

The success story of Ritesh Agarwal is the best example of how young minds can construct and achieve bigger dreams. The professional journey of Ritesh Agarwal is truly amazing and inspiring as just at the age of 21 Ritesh is known to be India’s Top Business Mate.

Ritesh Agarwal Net Wroth is 2,600 crore in September 2018. He comes to the world’s Top 40 Self Made Millionaire List. He is also in a list of Most Succesful Indian Entrepreneur.

I hope you Inspire from Ritesh Agarwal and do something Best in your Life. Today Rithesh Aggarwal is a totaly Change Hotel Booking Scenario.

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