Singer Jennifer Lopez was ready at one point to leave the industry

Singer Jennifer Lopez was on the verge of quitting showbiz after making fun of her fatness.

The singer said that not being able to fit the mold contributed to pushing her to the brink of giving up on her dreams.

She said, "At times I was like, I think I'm just going to leave." I really had to find out who I was.

When I started working, the ideal of beauty was skinny, fair, tall, not too many curves. I grew up around women with curves, so there was nothing I would never be ashamed of.

It was tough, when you think people think you're a joke. But it affected things in a way I never intended.

Lopez adds in her new documentary Halftime, which will premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, June 14.

Affleck can be seen in the film talking about Lopez, who was dubbed Jenny from the Block and JLo. I told him once, doesn't it bother you? And she said, I'm Latina, I'm a woman, I expected that.

The documentary also follows Lopez in early 2020, including how she was forced to split her Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira that year. Lopez branded their joint show as the worst idea in the world in her new solo film, directed by Amanda Micheli.

Lopez, who has scored 17 top ten singles, sold 80 million records and starred in nearly 40 films, including Out of Sight with George Clooney, said she had to settle on using the performance to slam Donald Trump. was also ordered.

The day before the show, the owners sold her to the then-U.S. The President's Border Force put the immigrants behind bars.